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"Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives!" 

~ Sylvia Matthews Burwell ~

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Business Outreach Summary of Services 

Business Services Contact

    Morgan Hurd
    Business Services Partner
    Chemung Schuyler Steuben
    Workforce New York
    O: 607-937-8337
    C: 607-368-8704
    E: morgan.hurd@csswfny.com

    Businesses - In person job fairs are happening! 

    CSS Workforce NY can assist employers in finding and retaining the skilled, quality employees needed to run a business and to help individuals attain the skills necessary for employment. 

    Training Funding:

    Provides businesses the opportunity to update the skills of one or more employees, and to offset a portion of the cost of that training. Up to 50% of the cost of training eligible employees may be available for reimbursement. 

    "Thank you! This is a huge help to provide critical training needed for our company to continue to move forward." - Jabil

    Instructions and forms for businesses requesting Customized Training funding:

    Summary of Needs Request Template

    Provides businesses the opportunity to improve the skillset of an individual employee or support the skill development of a "new hire", while offsetting a portion of the wages during that identified training period, resulting in: Up to 50% of the pay rate of the each employee in training may be reimbursed for a maximum of $2,500.00 per contract.  

    Instructions and forms for businesses requesting OJT funding:

    Talent Attraction and Recruitment:

    • Free Job Posting in the NYS Department of Labor Job Bank - Hot Jobs Link 
    • Opportunities to recruit job seekers through our four American Job Centers, Virtual Meet the Employer Events and Drive Thru Job Fairs
    • Access to grants to support the initial training costs of your "new hire" (OJT)
    • Wage Analysis- How do your Wages Align with others in the Region? 

    HR Resources:

    • Support Services of Businesses that "Right Size" - Strategically down-size while maintaining employee morale and minimizing future UI obligations
    • Labor Market Information- Historical Look-Back/Projections of Labor Data
    • Tax Incentive Information - Employment-based tax credits to cut federal and state tax liability

    Hot JobsHot Jobs

    Hot Jobs is a free, on-line tool for employers to use to recruit. If you don’t have the time, money or staff, let us post your positions on National & State Job Banks and spread the word through the most popular social media outlets. It’s easy: just take a couple of minutes to give us your job details and put us to work for you! You can copy/paste your job description into the form. Fill out the Hot Jobs form online. If you've already posted a job on the NY State Job Bank and want to go bigger, use our social media. All of our followers will see and maybe even share your job listing too.  Please note that your job must be posted on the job bank first before we can put it on social media. After which, you can contact us and request for the job(s) to be posted to our social media.  

    Priority of Service for Veterans - A low-income veteran or eligible spouse of a veteran will be given priority for all system services.  For details, please refer to the Priority of Service Policy on the Training Services page

    Work, Live, Play, Enjoy! Find yourself at home in the Southern Finger Lakes.
    Finger Lakes

    Did you know the region is made up of three counties and comprised of communities of all shapes and sizes, the Southern Finger Lakes is home to diverse populations, neighborhoods, and businesses that all contribute to the distinct character of the region.  Visit the Southern Finger Lakes! 

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