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Training Opportunities Overview

The main funding source for CSS WF NY is the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, referred hereinafter as “WIOA.” This grant is targeted at providing training and employment opportunities for adults, youth and dislocated workers. CSS WFNY is the administrative entity, main funding source, i.e. umbrella of a multi-agency partnership. Your training may be partially funded with WIOA or other funding sources, dependent upon individual or business eligibility determination. CSS WFNY continuously seeks alternative grant funding sources in order to achieve our mission of: “Creating a region that is a location of choice by employers due to a highly employable and motivated workforce committed to individual growth and skill development through life-long training and education.”

Adult Literacy Classes - 
Click here for a list of the 2021-2022 Literacy classes available throughout the counties for individuals to prep for the High School Equivalency Exam (TASC) as well as ESL classes.  Any questions or to register for classes, please call (607) 739-7684. 

GST BOCES Adult Education - 

CDL - 09/14/2021-10/05/2021
Construction Equipment w/ Credentials - 09/21/2021-11/04/2021
Welding - 09/13/2021-05/25/2022
Phlebotomy - 10/12/2021-01/05/2022
Security Guard - 10/05/2021-10/06/2021
Dental Assisting - 09/27/2021-06/09/2022

SUNY Corning Community College - 
Certified Nurse Aide 
Applied Electronics for Manufacturing Technicians  - Fall Start
Central Service Technician - 09/20/2021-12/07/2021
Cert Med Admin Asst. w/ Cert Electronic Health Records Spec & Med Terminology - Online
Certified Administrative Assistant - Online
CompTIA A+ Certification - Online
CompTIA Security+ Certification - Online
HVAC - Online
Medical Office Manager - Online
Pharmacy Technician - Online
Physical Therapy Aide - Online
Certified Peer Recovery Advocate 
Paralegal - Online 
RN Refresher
Clinical Dental Assistant - Online 
Mental Health Technician - Online

For more information on the SUNY Corning Community College courses listed above, email ilearn@corning-cc.edu or call (607) 936-5501.

You may be eligible for WIOA funding. For more information on the WIOA funding, email info@csswfny.com

Individual Training Accounts

The Individual Training Accounts (ITA) Program is designed to provide financial assistance to individuals determined who need classroom training or online learning in order to gain skills sets that improve their employment opportunities for local demand occupations.

Priority of Service Policy is currently in affect for ITA training (please refer policy below).

You must meet minimum WIOA eligibility to apply:
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • U.S. citizen or legally eligible to work in U.S.
  • If male, born after 1960 you must be registered w/selective service or acceptable documentation verifying why you are exempt.
  • Resident of Chemung, Schuyler or Steuben County, New York.
  • If you are working full-time, then you are not eligible. If you work part-time (less than 30 hours per week) and are actively seeking work, then you are eligible to apply.
  • You are not eligible if you are currently enrolled in school, unless you have been approved for the 599 Training Program through the NYS Department of Labor.
  • You must work with a CSS WFNY Career Counselor to complete an orientation, submit a training application (click here) and meet suitability criteria (click here) specific to the occupation.

Only trainings leading to specific occupations are being approved for local funding. These occupations are on the Local Demand Occupation Training List. For the current list, click here.

Training Providers are able to access the NYS Eligible Training List by clicking https://applications.labor.ny.gov/ETPL/. Instructions may be printed by clicking https://www.labor.ny.gov/workforcenypartners/PDFs/NewRegETP.pdf

Only certain training providers are approved to provide this training. They appear on the NYS Department of Labor Eligible Training Provider List.

In order to receive grant funding, your request must go through the approval process. To see the current policy related to this process, please click here.

Funding grant requests are reviewed monthly, please see the current review calendar, by clicking here.

CSS WF NY Grievance Policies & Procedures

Priority of Service Policy / Priority of Service for Veterans
A veteran or eligible spouse of a veteran will be given priority for all system services.

Supportive Services Policy

Travel Reimbursement Policy

Needs Related Payments Policy

Income Calculation Form - may use for Targeted Occupational & ITA programs when Priority of Service is in place.

Targeted Outreach to Meet Local In-Demand Occupational Needs

The purpose of targeted outreach for specific training is to provide a way for the Local Workforce Investment Board to respond quickly to business/industry needs for specific skills sets. Training needs are identified by working directly with a specific industry to assess current demand or statistical data collection for the local area. This data is reviewed by CSS WFNY who then passes along this information to the public with notices of training opportunities for high-demand skills sets to fill current or projected jobs in the local area.

CSS WFNY encourages all interested applicants to review all training details, pre-requisites and funding options for anyone either residing or working in the tri-county area that need to upgrade their skills to become gainfully employed, advance their careers or retain their current position. This business-driven model allows unemployed individuals who are selected to access training “without fees”.

Individuals are able to apply for all of the current occupational training courses listed on the Demand Occupation List

If you are a current WIOA ITA participant and need to print forms for approved supportive services, please click below. Remember that all original, signed forms must be submitted to your counselor.

Metrix Learning Program

Now Offering FREE On-Line Learning! 

Chemung-Schuyler-Steuben Workforce New York (CSSWFNY) has partnered with Skill Up/ Metrix for it's customers and recently we have expanded the service to businesses to improve the skills of incumbent workers.

Residents of CSS are able to access free on-line learning. Click here to preview an Informational Flyer. 

Business questions should be directed to Kellie Christopher, Senior Business Partner at (607) 368-8704 or christopherk@csswfny.com

On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training Polices can be reviewed by clicking "here".
New Hire or Employed Worker On-the-Job Training
On-the-Job Training provides businesses residing in the tri-county area the opportunity to offset a portion of the wages and/or costs associated with conducting training for new hires or employed workers that will result in an upgrade to a new position or the opportunity to learn skills sets necessary to retain employment. The On-the-Job Training Program offers individuals, regardless where they reside, the opportunity to be properly trained for a position that requires specific skills sets in order to be successful.

Step 1: We Need to Do Our Due Diligence:
All Businesses must complete the NYS Vetting process and be "Found to be Responsible" as a businesss prior to the development of an OJT contract.  This is done to ensure workers compensation and Unemployment Insurance are being paid for the protection of the worker.  Businesses with scanning capabilities may complete the following two forms and return them to Kellie Christopher, Senior Business Partner at christopherk@csswfny.com to get started: Standard Pre-Award Survey and NYS Responsibility Questionnaire.  This process usually takes 3-5 days for the state to complete.

Step 2: Tell Us About Your OJT Candidate:
Complete the OJT Trainee Prep-Information document.  This simple document gives us the information we need to contact the trainee and schedule an assessment interview with our Career Center staff. 

Step 3: Tell Us How You Want to Accomplish Your Goal:
Create a training plan detailing the skills gap percieved through the interview process and the length of training required to upgrade the "new hires" skill sets. Use our Training Ouline-Template to record those details.
Email the Trainee Prep Information and the Training Outline to a Business Services representative at CSSWFNY at  christopherk@csswfny.com

Step 4: Employment Counselor Interview will be Scheduled: 
The trainee will be contacted by a career counselor to discuss the training outline and their career goals.  
  • Must earn less than the current mean NYS Wage Rate ($29.75/hour)
  • If male born, after Dec.31,1959, registered with selective service.
Step 5: We Will Generate the Agreement:
An OJT training reimbursement contract will be generated based on the information provided by the employer and an evaluation of the new hires self-attested current skill sets.  Contract will be sent via digital platform for signatures. 

This contract must be signed prior to the start of training. 

Step 6: On-Site Training Review:
An On-Site Employer and On-Site Trainee review must be performed during the contract to monitor the success of the training program. 

Step 7: Tell Us How It Went:
After the contract end date, CSSWFNY will require:
  • Weekly payroll distribution records from the start date to the end date of the contract
  • Payment voucher signed by the trainee and the employer

Step 8: We Will Send You a Check: 
A check for reimbursement, as per the contract, will be distributed when all the required documents are provided. 

Customized Training

Customized Training provides businesses residing in the tri-county area the opportunity to offset a portion of the cost of training for employees.  The training impact should be to introduce new technology, introduce a new production or service procedure, upgrade to a new job that requires additional skills or to promote workplace literacy. This training may be conducted on or off-site.

Businesses must meet minimum WIOA eligibility:
  • Your business must reside or have a footprint in Chemung, Schuyler or Steuben County
  • You must be in good standing, according to the performance standard set forth by the CSS WFNY Board of Directors.
  • You must apply for reimbursement for your program by providing details in advance to be approved by the Executive Director of CSSWFNY. For your convenience a Summary of Needs template is provided by clicking here.
  • Customized Training Policies may be reviewed by clicking here.
All required documentation must be submitted and contract signed prior to the start of training. 
You may sign up for the training, but the contract must be in place prior to the first day of training. 

Step 1: We Need to do our Due Diligence:
If your business has never worked with CSSWFNY before we will need to complete a due diligence process prior to contract development.  Complete Vetting Paperwork - Standard Grant Pre-Award Survey and NYS DOL Responsibility Questionnaire.

Email as quickly as possible to Business Services representative: It usually requires 3-5 business days on the state end to be "found responsible"

Step 2: Tell Us Why You Need Help: 
Provide a Summary of Needs Request.  Including the desire for the employee to "retain current employment" and "develop skills to support future growth" is important to support the need for training. 

The training impact must fall within one of the following categories: 
  1. Introduction of new technology
  2. Introduction to new production or service procedures
  3. Upgrading to new jobs that require additional skills
  4. Workplace Literacy
  5. Appropriate purpose identified by the Local Workforce Development Board
Step 3: Tell Us How You Want to Accomplish your Goal: 
Provide training information; training provider, type of training, brief description of curriculum/skills increase, dates of training, hours of training, cost of training per participant.  Invoice from training provider is helpful for this step. 

Step4: Tell Us Who You Want to Train:
Have each eligible person complete a "IEP" and "ES102 Sup. Questionnaire". Provide a copy of  the trainees driver's license.  Grievance Policies and Procedures Document

  • Must earn less than $35.00/hour
  • If male born after Dec 31, 1959 registered with selective service.
  • Registered in the OSOS data base.  (If an individual has collected unemployment or utilized our One Stop Career Centers at some point in their history, they are more than likely registered) 
  • If not, we can have the potential trainee fill out a one page registration form and enter their information into the OSOS system to make them eligible participants. Form here 
Step 5:  We Will Generate the Agreement:
Return all intake packages for a contract to be generated.  Depending on the number of packages, it may take a week to two weeks to process.  A contract will be sent for digital signatures prior to the start of training. 

Step 6:  Tell Us How It Went:
Upon completion, CSSWFNY will require:
  • Copy of the invoice from the training provider
  • Copy of cancelled check or proof of payment to the training provider
  • Certificates of completion or sign in sheets for all eligible trainees
Step 7: We Will Send You a Check:
A check for reimbursement as per the contract will be distributed when all the required documents are provided.

Group Employed Worker Upgrade Training

Group Employed Worker Upgrade "On-the-Job" Training provides businesses residing in the tri-county area the opportunity to offset a portion of the wages and/or costs associated with conducting training for employed workers. The goal is to give groups of workers the opportunity to learn new skills sets necessary to improve retention and/or workplace culture, efficiency & production quality & quantity. The Group Employed Worker Upgrade "On-the-Job" Training Program offers individuals, regardless where they reside, the opportunity to be properly trained to be successful on the job. It also offers businesses an opportunity to conduct in-house training for non-traditional or business-specific skills sets. An additional advantage is when a business starts a new endeavor whether it is new equipment, new product, etc. they can reduce costs by training in groups.

  1. Pre-Award Agreement between CSS WF NY & Business - CSS Business Services staff is able to meet with the business and discuss their on-site, internal training needs and estimate the costs of the training and develop a training plan.
  2. Trainee Application - Please proceed utilizing the steps above under "On-the-Job Training" for a complete listing of all of the steps to complete a Group Employed Worker Upgrade Training Grant.

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