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Veterans Services

We take pride in providing Priority of Service to veterans and their eligible spouses. This entails that if you have served on Active Duty in the United States military, you will receive:

  • You will be attended to by the next available staff member.
  • Secure top priority for jobs and training programs for which you are eligible and qualified.

Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialists (DVOPs)

DVOPs, who are disabled veterans themselves, offer intensive case management services to veterans facing significant employment barriers, including those who are specially disabled or within the 18 to 24 age range. They also deliver a comprehensive suite of employment services, encompassing thorough assessments, personalized employment plans, job referrals, training and support services, as well as assistance with resume writing and interview preparation.

Local Veterans’ Employment Representatives (LVERs)

LVER staff members are veterans themselves. They are dedicated to advocating for veterans with businesses, industries, and community organizations to enhance employment and training opportunities for veterans. Their services include job matching and placement for veterans, employer outreach, informing Federal contractors about the process of hiring qualified veterans, and supporting credentialing and licensing opportunities for veterans.

Other services available through our Career Centers include:

  • Career Counseling
  • Skills Assessment
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Resume Preparation Assistance
  • Information for Civil Service Postings
  • Referrals to other agencies that provide services to veterans.

You might be required to fill out determination paperwork. Even if you do not qualify for a meeting with one of our DVOP Specialists, you will maintain priority of service and have the opportunity to meet with our Labor Service Staff.

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Veterans Services

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