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Training Opportunities Overview

The main funding source for CSS WF NY is the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, referred hereinafter as “WIOA.” This grant is targeted at providing training and employment opportunities for adults, youth and dislocated workers. CSS WFNY is the administrative entity, main funding source, i.e. umbrella of a multi-agency partnership. Your training may be partially funded with WIOA or other funding sources, dependent upon individual or business eligibility determination. CSS WFNY continuously seeks alternative grant funding sources in order to achieve our mission of: “Creating a region that is a location of choice by employers due to a highly employable and motivated workforce committed to individual growth and skill development through life-long training and education.”

CSS WF NY Grievance Policies & Procedures

Priority of Service Policy / Priority of Service for Veterans
A veteran or eligible spouse of a veteran will be given priority for all system services.

Supportive Services Policy

Travel Reimbursement Policy

Needs Related Payments Policy

Local - (Chemung-Schuyler-Steuben)

Income Calculation Form - may use for Targeted Occupational & ITA programs when Priority of Service is in place.

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