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Earning a college degree brings many benefits that will help you succeed in life. Studies show that college graduates earn more than high school graduates, and have lower unemployment and greater job satisfaction. In 2009, the median income for young adults with a bachelor's degree was $45,000, while the median for those with an associate's degree was $36,000. Median earnings for young adults with a high school diploma or its equivalent were $30,000, and for those without a high school diploma or its equivalent, $21,000 (National Center for Education Statistics).

For youth who are unsure of their career plans, community college is a good way to start. At Corning Community College, applicants with a high school diploma do not need to have a specific grade point average to be admitted. Students without a high school diploma can work toward a general equivalency diploma (GED) while taking classes at Corning Community College, even though CCC does not offer a GED program.

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