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Customized Training provides businesses residing in the tri-county area the opportunity to offset a portion of the cost of training for employees. The goal of the training is to introduce new technology, retrain to increase retention, assist workers with changing technology, introduce new skills sets, or promote career laddering opportunities to existing workers. This training may be conducted on or off-site.

Trainees must meet minimum WIA eligibility:
  • Must be 18 years or older and employed full-time (30+ hours on a regular basis).
  • U.S. citizen or legally eligible to work in U.S.
  • If male, born after 1960 you must be registered w/selective service or acceptable documentation verifying why you are not to do so.
  • Residence is not a consideration. You may reside in NY or PA as long as your employer resides in Chemung, Schuyler or Steuben.
  • You must thoroughly complete the training application (click here) with one form of I.D. (drivers license, passport or birth certificate are the most common), receive and review our Grievance Policies and Procedures (click here).
  • You must earn less than $35/hr.

Businesses must meet minimum WIOA eligibility:
  • The business must be "Found to be Responsible" through the NYS Vetting Process in order to receive Federal WIA training fund reimbursement for CSS WFNY approved Customized Training Programs.
  • Your business must reside in Chemung, Schuyler or Steuben County
  • You must be in good standing, according to the performance standard set forth by the CSS WFNY Board of Directors.
  • You must apply for reimbursement for your program by providing details in advance to be approved by the CSS WFNY Board of Directors or Executive Committee vote. For your convenience a template is provided by clicking here.
  • Customized Training Policies may be reviewed by clicking here.

  1. Customized Training Program Request – CSS has a template that businesses can utilize to submit a brief description of their training plans, project goals & expenses. This application is presented to the CSS Workforce New York Board of Directors each month. Applications must be presented and approved in advance of the start of training. Currently, in-kind wages are not being considered as part of the reimbursable training expenses.
  2. Trainee Application from Businesses - Businesses you are now able to assist your trainees to complete the Customized application BEFORE beginning a Customized Training with the HR at the place of business. This also must be done well in advance of the training start date. The application must be completely filled out with no blanks and must have one form of identification with the package at time of submittal. Identification may include a valid driver's license, birth certificate, passport, or Federal, State or Local I.D. Card. Please click on the Trainee application and note that is helpful if you indicate who the sender is in the body of the e-mail with contact information in case of questions and to confirm business vetting has been conducted. If business vetting has not been done, please see Step 3 and submit the two vetting forms. All Customized packages must include the business request and the trainee packages together and can be mailed or scanned (in color if possible) and e-mailed to christopherk@csswfny.com.
  3. Business NYS Vetting - All businesses must complete the NYS State Vetting process and be "Found to be Responsible" as a business. This is done to ensure workerscompensation and Unemployment Insurance is being paid for the protection of the worker. Businesses with scanning capabilities may complete the following two forms and return them to Lori Haner, Business Services Manager at hanerl@csswfny.com to get started: Standard Pre-Award Survey and NYS Responsibility Questionnaire.
  4. Program Eligibility/Suitability Determination - Not all trainees, but most are determined eligible, dependent upon available funding – the business will be notified of the determination. Individuals who earn over $35/hr. are not eligible per the CSS WFNY self-sufficiency level set forth by the CSS Workforce New York Board of Directors.
  5. Final Approval Process – Once the request is approved, the business will be notified.
  6. Contract Development - CSS WFNY staff is responsible to work with the business to ensure that the training plans follow the original request and any changes are written in the contract.
  7. Progress Reports - CSS staff is responsible to ensure both the trainee and employer is satisfied with the progress of the program. Reports are mandatory for training that lasts longer than 3 months.
  8. WIOA Compliance Monitoring - All CSS contracts are monitored to ensure Federal/State/Local compliance.
  9. Close-out and Reimbursement Payments – Training invoices and copies of the payment(s) made for the training, trainee sign-in sheets, and certifications (if applicable) are collected and reimbursement is processed.
  10. Program Follow-up/Data Collection - CSS tracks the long-term progress of all training participants and may ask for follow-up data such as retention & wage information.

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