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On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training Polices can be reviewed by clicking "here".
New Hire or Employed Worker On-the-Job Training
On-the-Job Training provides businesses residing in the tri-county area the opportunity to offset a portion of the wages and/or costs associated with conducting training for new hires or employed workers that will result in an upgrade to a new position or the opportunity to learn skills sets necessary to retain employment. The On-the-Job Training Program offers individuals, regardless where they reside, the opportunity to be properly trained for a position that requires specific skills sets in order to be successful.

Step 1: We Need to Do Our Due Diligence:
All Businesses must complete the NYS Vetting process and be "Found to be Responsible" as a businesss prior to the development of an OJT contract.  This is done to ensure workers compensation and Unemployment Insurance are being paid for the protection of the worker.  Businesses with scanning capabilities may complete the following two forms and return them to Kellie Christopher, Senior Business Partner at christopherk@csswfny.com to get started: Standard Pre-Award Survey and NYS Responsibility Questionnaire.  This process usually takes 3-5 days for the state to complete.

Step 2: Tell Us About Your OJT Candidate:
Complete the OJT Trainee Prep-Information document.  This simple document gives us the information we need to contact the trainee and schedule an assessment interview with our Career Center staff. 

Step 3: Tell Us How You Want to Accomplish Your Goal:
Create a training plan detailing the skills gap percieved through the interview process and the length of training required to upgrade the "new hires" skill sets. Use our Training Ouline-Template to record those details.
Email the Trainee Prep Information and the Training Outline to a Business Services representative at CSSWFNY at  christopherk@csswfny.com

Step 4: Employment Counselor Interview will be Scheduled: 
The trainee will be contacted by a career counselor to discuss the training outline and their career goals.  
  • Must earn less than the current mean NYS Wage Rate ($29.75/hour)
  • If male born, after Dec.31,1959, registered with selective service.
Step 5: We Will Generate the Agreement:
An OJT training reimbursement contract will be generated based on the information provided by the employer and an evaluation of the new hires self-attested current skill sets.  Contract will be sent via digital platform for signatures. 

This contract must be signed prior to the start of training. 

Step 6: On-Site Training Review:
An On-Site Employer and On-Site Trainee review must be performed during the contract to monitor the success of the training program. 

Step 7: Tell Us How It Went:
After the contract end date, CSSWFNY will require:
  • Weekly payroll distribution records from the start date to the end date of the contract
  • Payment voucher signed by the trainee and the employer

Step 8: We Will Send You a Check: 
A check for reimbursement, as per the contract, will be distributed when all the required documents are provided. 

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